5 Steps to Awesome Customer Service

Awesome customer service

In today’s competitive atmosphere, providing great customer service is the number one way to ensure repeat business and positive word of mouth. Are you doing everything you can to provide stellar customer service at all times? Here is a commonsense checklist to get you started:

1. Allow clients to self-book

Great service can start even before the client has booked their appointment. By allowing your clients to self-book appointments online, this frees you to give 100% of your attention to the client in front of you while serving the scheduling needs of the next. Not only is that better service for your clients, it’s one less thing for you to worry about! Check out Appointbook’s online scheduling software to learn more.

2. Treat every client like a guest in your home

The moment a client walks through your door, you’ve begun to set the tone for their experience. Offering a spirited greeting by name is one of the best ways to build rapport while making your client feel important. (No one want’s to feel like a number!) If you’re still with your previous client, show the client to a comfortable place to sit, offer them something to drink, provide a realistic wait time and above all, a warm and sincere smile.

3. Never skip the consultation

Before you begin any service, take the time to listen to your client and discover their needs. In addition to gaining valuable insight into your client’s expectations, this is a great opportunity to strengthen your rapport and demonstrate that you really do care about them. Your client will soak up the extra bit of attention and you may even be able to use the information to recommend additional services or products.

4. Remember the little things

Use your online scheduling software to keep detailed notes on each client and remember to review your notes before each service. Noting will demonstrate you care more than remembering the details from your last conversation and asking follow-up questions at the beginning of your service. In addition, take notes on your client’s favorite services, products, likes and dislikes. Know their birthday and send out a birthday card and include a special promotion just for them. Nothing is better than a day of pampering on your birthday. Online scheduling services like Appointbook can help manage all of the details for you.

5. Love and appreciate your colleagues

The energy among the staff can be felt by everyone who walks through the door. The truth is, you can never expect anyone to treat your clients better than they are being treated themselves. You’re all one team under one tent. Having a great working relationship with your colleague’s trickles down positively to the client when there is unity throughout your business.

Ultimately, great customer service is an inside job. Always remember that great positive energy is contagious – and so is the opposite. Make sure you’re following these guidelines for optimum customer service and you will be reaping the rewards for years to come- thanks to your raving fans!
We want to hear from you! What have you done to go above and beyond for your clients?