Salon loves online scheduling


Angelica is the type of hairstylist people travel to see. She’s young, hip and has a schedule full of dedicated clients, some who drive hours to be seen by her at The Parlor Salon in Santa Rosa, CA. She’s been called a “magician” with hair.

But up until two months ago, she relied on phone calls and an outdated scheduling service to manage her appointments. Her previous online scheduling service was confusing, she said, especially for some of her busy tech-challenged clients who just want to click and see results.

In fact, scheduling an appointment with Angelica was so complicated that it inspired David Ramsey, one of her long time clients, to start Appointbook. A new kind of scheduling service, Appointbook helps businesses schedule more clients with less hassle.

For the last two months Angelica has been using the new online scheduling service, and loves Appointbook’s features.

“I like that Appointbook is super simple and the layout is really pretty. I feel like it’s a lot easier for me to drag and change appointments. It’s one step.” she said. In addition to being simple and user friendly, Angelica says the best part about Appointbook is its convenience.

“The days that I’m off work my clients can book online, and I don’t have to be answering phone calls. I used to never get a day off… some of my clients work until late at night and want to call me at midnight. With online booking they can go online and look at what’s available anytime.”

She said it’s like having a personal receptionist for a fraction of the price. “It’s half the price of one haircut a month,” she said. “It’s totally worth it.”

Appointbook manages to solve problems that only people in the service industry know exist. Even Angelica’s clients can create a profile on Appointbook and upload a photo, which helps her remember who’s who and provide customers with better service.

Angelica has been promoting the new online scheduling option on social media, and the feedback has been great. “A lot of my clients have been waiting for me to get online booking, so they are super happy for it,” she said.

Using new technology can often create confusion, but Angelica said that the customer service at Appointbook is swift and thorough. All her questions were answered within minutes, and the site is working better than she had ever imagined.

The best part? Her newfound freedom. Angelica now has the time to focus on clients and herself.

“I now definitely have my days off to myself, which is nice,” she said. “Plus, on Wednesday night I can look and see that my next day’s full, and I didn’t need to do anything.”